Shift   2016

A collaboration with Jessie Boylan

Shift on VIMEO

Boylan and Dement’s installation Shift is part of touring exhibition Black Mist Burnt Country curated by JD Mittman of Burrinja Cultural Centre. The exhibition commemorates the 60th anniversary of British atomic tests at Maralinga.

Through darkness, myth and data, Shift engages with facts too large to live with and impacts too huge, microscopic or diffuse to pin down: weapons enough to obliterate our world in minutes, the invisible pervasive dangers of contamination that persist over periods of time incomprehensible and the intricate fragilities of bodies and species.

The work interweaves dark elemental imagery, 3D models of nuclear warheads, weapons data, footage from Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Maralinga, microscopic dynamics of contamination and disease, human voice and personal experiences. The Norse myth of Fenrir the Wolf and facts of nuclear threat underpin the whole.

Boylan and Dement's collaboration began in 2014 for the Nuclear Futures Program of Arts.

Additional Credits

  • 3D Artist – Alex Boylan
  • Additional Footage – Paul Shambroon, Danielle Marwick, Marcus Atkinson, Gem Romuld, Alex Boylan
  • Voice and Testimony – Tom Uren, Sakue Shimohira, Joy Barton, Janice Abo Ganis, John Mandelberg, Paige Larianova, Nicholas Sherman

Special Thanks to

Paul Brown, Ellise Barkley, Yalata Anangu Community, Phoebe Barton, Merilyn Fairskye, Jonathon Delacour, Misako Sugiyama