Cyberfeminist Bed Sheet Flown as a Flag   2018-19

A collaboration with Nancy Mauro-Flude

Dement mapped a non-linear terrain of punk, cyberfeminism, rebellious abberation and corporeal digital transgression as a rumpled unclean bedsheet. A genealogical record, it bears smears and stains from productive encounters, convergences and brush pasts. The sheet has been endlessly folded, scrunched, wrung out or smoothed flat in spawning, connecting and adulterating across feminist time and creative persuasions.

Mauro-Flude, Pirate Queen, had the brilliant idea to transfigure the sheet to a flag. They devised a performance of the bed-sheet-flag, unfurling ribbons of quotes from the stains of their authors.

On the yellowed worn sheet we find:

  • g-slime from VNS Matrix
  • Sadie Plant's cigarette ash forming miniscule zeroes and ones, alive, tumbling replicating and scattering, some stuck in the hem edges spew their divisions onto the floor
  • more numbers, pink, from CoUNTess
  • snot, tears and spit from Virginia Barratt in productive panic
  • black grease from a prison lock that failed to hold Albertine Sarrazin
  • faint blue flower Iranian tea stains from dollyoko
  • milk from Bataille + Laure
  • the sticky trace of gummi lollies from Angela Goh
  • holographic nailpolish and fermenting keffir from Holly Childs
  • Claude Cahun's careful scalpel cuts
  • Hélène Cixous' biro marks in anxious perfect overlapping words from which small sharp steel daggers grow outwards to pierce your heart
  • Claude Cahun's careful scalpel cuts exposing an eye
  • Nina Hagen's eyeliner, Diamanda Galas' eyeliner, Lydia Lunch's eyeliner
  • Jasmine Hirst's eyeliner in a halo of spattered blood stains and cigarette burns
  • gun powder residue from the hands of Valerie Solanas
  • burn marks from Gabi Briggs
  • Thames mud from the Slits
  • dog-hair-human-colostrum mix from Sarah Waterson
  • 2 long dark hairs morphing into audio cables from Allucquére Rosanne Stone
  • Orlan's surgically repositioned fat
  • blood from r e a
  • masking tape from Jill Scott
  • fraying lift cables from Nola Farman
  • spilt massge oil in film sprocket shapes from Margie Medlin
  • darkness and weight from Debra Petrovich
  • an unamed stain that doesn't remain but lasts infinitely from Anna Munster & Michele Barker
  • turmeric yellow curry stains left by Frances Barrett eating in bed
  • red thread tied around shroud gauze from Julie Vulcan
  • the chalk outline of Ana Mendieta
  • Spence Messih's spit
  • a platypus' nest of cables and jade green nail polish from Nancy Mauro-Flude
  • desert sand from the boots of Isabelle Eberhardt
  • Jessie Boylan's scrape of earth revealing a small footprint in toxic glow
  • day-glo from Poly Styrene
  • garlic and girl cum from Shu Lea Cheang
  • the black ink outline of a tool to dismantle the master's house from Audre Lourde
  • wine and whiteboard marker from Kelly Doley
  • Rosi Braidotti's nomadic lines of flight that snake and undulate in fine steel cable
  • drops of solder & small wires vibrating in a frequency of soothing from Pia Van Gelder
  • sterile cell media and raw blood from Cynthia Verspaget
  • Shulamith Firestone's psych drugs ground and pressed into the weave by strong tormented fingers
  • a hole onto infinite black nothing, rimmed with an ultra violet glow, from Laboria Cuboniks
  • all the holes that were there all along (and upon which every product of representation is premised), the gaps in the warp and weft of the sheet itself, from Amy Ireland
  • Kathy Acker's pubic hair, soaked in the tears that mourn her