Divination  2016

a durational networked performance & live code installation by Nancy Mauro-Flude

Performed and Installed for DARK MOFO 2016

Divination stages a romantic mutiny against techno-utopian culture within a live performance work. Reappraising the issue of privacy through a performative lens, audiences are provided with direct contact to some of the strategies used in consumer networked culture when someone _opts in_ (data retention, pre-emptive behavior analysis, location tracking) guided by pirate girls (both human and nonhuman actors – chat bots, rogue presences) who illuminate the complexity of uninformed consent strategies.

Divination traditionally is a method of visualising events that are not immediately physically observable - the artwork highlights ease of access to often assumed private data, enabling an alternate view of the information we transmit on a daily basis.

An energetic collision of computer culture & nautical mythology, Divination channels both metaphysical and physical networks to gain access to these invisible performative codes. Encounters with pirate girls happen via remote forms of communication before, during and after the event in the performance space.

Linda Dement's role in Divination is live code projection, gathering phone data and network traffic to generate projected constellations that the Pyrate Queen navgates by.

Divination Credits