Eurydice 1997–2007

Like exterminating angels, American writer Kathy Acker and Australian visual artist Linda Dement, shine a light on the dark and bloody depths of experience... These are images so corporeal and pitilessly physical, that you don't so much look at them as give them your fretful attention.

George Alexander; Linda Dement's Eurydice, Art Monthly, April 2002

Kathy Acker had a double mastectomy in 1996 and wrote Eurydice in the Underworld about that experience. Although she managed to clear her body of cancer, it returned, and she died on November 29th, 1997.

Dement and Acker had begun a collaboration, an interactive digital piece, using Eurydice in the Underworld as a starting point. Dement continued with the project alone, producing images for each location they had planned for the interactive work

They are output as Lambda mural prints, each 1 x 2.25m, mounted on aluminium.

In 2005 Blue Plastic won the National Digital Art Award
In 2006 White Rose also won the National Digital Art Award