Killing the Host 2011

Augmented Reality for Bundanon Siteworks

Giant scabies mites stand threateningly over wombat burrows on the Bundanon Trust property on the Shoalhaven river and at sites of long-wall mines in the southern coalfields of NSW. On approach, sounds of frenzied eating and pained screams are heard. Phrases, gleaned from long-wall mining company documents, explain and justify the actions of a parasite so consumed by short term gain that it fails to realise it is torturing and destroying the very thing that sustains it.

This augmented reality work can be viewed on smartphone through the Layar app - a free download from Layar.

Standing within wifi range at the Bundanon property or within about 1000 metres of one of the long-wall mine sites, open Layar and search for "Killing the Host".