Typhoid Mary 1991

...takes its user into an uneasy zone where writing is stark and bleak, bled dry, and images are sensory overload. There is no freedom celebrated here. Everything is deliberate, made to function within the same constraints evoked by the materials: disease, depression, fear, fever, bondage, torture, addiction, the life of "a one-legged glowingly beautiful ex-whore..."

Sadie Plant; Zeros and Ones, Fourth Estate, London, 1997

In Typhoid Mary, a user moves blindly between images, animations, sounds, quotes, diary extracts, medical information and statistics. Occasionally stories will print out. Bodies of information orbit and loop to build up a portrait of a diseased, depressed and murderous stripper.

Levels of intimacy with the bleak, sexual and violent content are kept safe by the technological media: the flesh is not really flesh, it is pixels and so can be touched. Unless the work is touched, nothing happens.