X  2016

Augmented reality tutelary deities

In Roman times neighbourhoods had tutelary deities – protectors and patrons of locales – their shrines meeting points for local unrest as well as for prayer. In X, our Darlinghurst punk dead are here, as deities or guardian angels in the streets and alleys, called up via new technology from a convulsive past to offer advice and intercession on behalf of the living.

Initial research & development for X was undertaken in consultation and collaboration with East Sydney artists George and Charis Schwarz and with artist, New York Museum of Punk co-director, Jasmine Hirst.

An intersecting work, Patti Smith is god and she asks you this is positioned in Roslyn St Kings Cross for Affiliated Text exhibition, Scoring Patti Smith at Cross Art + Books

Tutelary deities and their advice and revelations can be viewed in the locations, on smartphone through the free app Layar. In Layar, choose geo-layers and search for 'x punk'